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A Very Cool Pope!

Pope was tired.

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Pope Speaks on "The King of Pop" Michael Jackson

Well, here it is. I'll try to remain brief and to the point, because obviously to write about this man, in depth, and what he meant to me and many others around the world would literally take a lifetime (Although I’m sure there's many of authors out there right now clamoring up ideas to cram such into a 400 page book to make a quick buck off of his enormous popularity).

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Pope's Not So Excellent Adventure..... Flight From Hell Pt. 5.4

Ok, So where do Pope start? Well, if you are following Your Pope on Twitter (and you should be), Then I'm sure most of you know that Pope's journey started about 4pm the evening of 5/26/09. Well, during the planned flight out, Pope found himself stuck on a plane for about 45 min before it actually pulled out of the gateway to taxi. After taxi-ing for about 5 mins, we were ordered ad ease and to remain grounded due to the weather in our planned destination.

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Pope's 2 Cents on Miss California & Gay Marriage

First off I would like to give Honor and Glory to the BBP in the sky. What does that have to do with this you ask? Well, whether your into "Religion" or not, I think we can all agree that the universal commandment/law that is respected worldwide is marriage, which was indeed taken from the scriptures. That is indeed FACT! So, while we have taken God out of school, work and many other public genres, they have not (Not yet at least) taken God, unless the clergy incorrectly oversees the union, out of marriage.

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Germany Memories + The Flight From Hell Pt. 4.5

Pope has finally returned to the states and can't say how happy I am to be back. While Germany was pleasant, I couldn't help but feel like a cat trapped in a hog pen. It was HOT and I swear to you, everywhere I turned, the smell was in the air. Im not sure whether it was the deodorant or lack thereof, but GeeWizFreakinCabooseKabob, those Germans sure know how to clear one's nasal passage. Of course this doesn't refer to all Germans (more specifically my good friends as GSW), but I swear to you, I went to the gym and became self conscious of myself.

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Good day to be Black in Germany!!!

Especially with a background like that! lol

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Need For Speed!

A life size hot rod toy!

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Gotta Pose!!

There's no speed limit in Germany!

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