PSW Vol. 22

Greetings to all within the Congregation and to all who have the opportunity to read another edition of PSW. I think that you will agree that whether you're on your PC, Tablet, Phone or whatever device you may be using to access this, that we are all fortunate to do so regardless of how much more or less we may feel we are at in our personal lives. It's in acknowledging what one doesn't have, that you become appreciative of what you DO have. (Lil tricky, but you'll figure it out) More on that later......

From The "You Just Got Punked.....Uh Oh, Punks on Us" Files

I'm sure we all heard about the recent death of of the nurse in England following the prank call made by the Australian DJ hosts to the hospital where Kate Middleton was being nursed. If not, here's a quick summary: "Kate is hospitalized, DJ's call the hospital pretending to be the Queen (horrible imitation btw), nurse puts DJ through to Kate's Room, the prank gains national headlines, and the nurse kills herself. Pope feels sorry for all involved over a simple prank gone wrong. I'm sure no one could've imagined the fall out from such a prank, good nature I personally thought, I mean, who's off limits to pranks these days? But due to the nature of the individuals (Queen, Kate) involved, I can see the flip side as well. But the question is, was it really that bad for someone to KILL themselves over and cause excruciating pain to your family and friends? For me the answer is an astounding NO! But for others, we'll never truly know, but tragic indeed.

From The "Katt In The Hat" Files

Uhmmmmm, is it Pope or is the notorious comedian Katt Williams gone coocko? The dude is obviously going through some emotional distress caused by only God knows what, but here's the deal; WHEN and WHERE does one step in and say, "Look man, we have a problem and it's time to address it?" Katts been arrested, released, chased by cops while fleeing on a 3 wheeled motor-scooter, arrested again, smacked a guy with his microphone during a stand-up concert, slapped a cashier at target, and then arrested again. Where's the help for this Krazy Katt? Well, if ya care and support the dude then there's only one thing you can do, well actually two: You can pray fa him and hope that he gets the help he needs, or you can be like the majority and sit back and anticipate his decline (and hopefully not something far worse) so you can do tributes on your FB page saying how he was the best comedian, yada yada yada......Jus Sayin.

From "Scum of the Earth" Department

What will cause an individual to rob or steal from another person? Probably the same thing that causes many folk to Kill, Steal, and Destroy the loving nature that was intended for mankind, but destroyed by the carnal minded individuals due to lust, greed, envy, etc. HOWEVER, when Pope see's a dude the size of Ray Lewis mugging an 80 something year old woman on an elevator in New York, it really sickens me. There's no excuse for it, or a mugging of any-kind for that matter. Pope truly believe that for people like him, who has no respect for themselves or others, who are unruly and refuse to conform and follow the rules of society, that they should all be hauled away sequestered on an island, to live freely amongst themselves, without rules, limitations, or authorities, and allow them to fend for themselves. I truly believe that is where they all should go as they don't deserve to wander freely in society, nor do they deserve the tax dollars that are spent to put a roof over their head and food in their mouth in prison. And just to think, people are trying to lift the ban on public nudity in San Fran. More rapes, eh? They should be on an island unto themselves too; but wait, they have that already! Smh! Lust, Greed, and Carnal Minded....Need Pope say more?!?

From the "YES, Pope needs to say more" Department

Pope must elaborate on this as I feel that it's very important for us to think outside of the box, and actually look at this for what it truly is: P.I.M.P "Positively Influencing Many People!" While you may know that Pope has recently started this movement to help those that are unfortunate than you and me, I need for you to understand that regardless of your personal situation, you and I BOTH know where we are in life, and we also know that it can be FAR FAR WORSE that what it is. I'm saying this because it's truly the reality of folk lives, where they never ever thought that it would be them, and now it is. Have you ever thought about that? Have you ever imagined what it would be like to not have? If you are like me, then you have probably experienced it more than you'd like to remember at some point and time in your life. Whether it was me sleeping on the floor, or living daily off of canned tuna and rice, barely making rent, or living in a house where a toilet was a bucket; these are things that are reality for a lot of people, and I would like to encourage you to be a positive influence on others by helping Pope to help them, and by also doing your part on a daily basis to allow others to know that "GO(O)D" still exist in a world where so much (D)EVIL is acknowledged.

Just two days ago Pope was out and about shopping. As I was leaving the Mall, I was halted at a light. While sitting at the light I noticed that a middle age woman (resembled Jamie Lee Curtis, just shorter) was standing across the street opposite of me waiting to cross the busy intersection. As the light changed for me (giving her the right away to cross the street as well), the woman with bags in hand misjudged her step and ended up taking a Ric Flair type nose dive off of the curb into the street. Now, there are at least 2-3 cars in from of Pope that just drove on by, and there were cars rested at the lights going in the crossways from Pope as well, in which the lady fell in front of. NOBODY....ABSOLUTELY NOBODY stop to help this woman up who was obviously shaken and embarrassed about what just happened. WHERE'S THE HUMANITY??? So as Pope crossed the street, I immediately moved my vehicle in the path of oncoming traffic and got out of my car to assist the lady. She had already gotten up and thankfully she got her hands down to protect her face during the fall, which cause them to be badly scrapped and bloody. She was crying and holding her knees as they were hurt too. She looked at me and said, "Sir what about your car, I don't want it to get hit." Pope looked at the woman and said, "My car can be replaced, YOU CANT!" I then placed the woman in my car and took her back across the street to the mall where I had just left and instructed her where to go to get cleaned up. She was very grateful, surprised, and shocked at the same time, cause you know I don't always look like "Pope" on my personal time. Lol

My point is, I/You don't know what type of woman she was prior to this incident, but I believe in my heart that after this experience this woman will pay it forward to someone else. THIS, is what P.I.M.P is truly all about. Why must we wait until a Tsunami hit, or a Hurricane/Tornado to hit before we decide to help someone in need? Why must we wait until the President and/or Famed Musicians and actors hold telethons to raise money to help folk? Humanity lies not just in the glitz and glamor of a Hollywood's movement for peace, harmony, and money for the needy; Humanity lies in the hearts and soul of every responsible human being that believe in treating their fellow man as themselves. With that being said, by contributing to the P.I.M.P movement, you realize the importance of such and you also acknowledge that IT COULD BE YOU!

So How can you contribute? Simply sacrifice your can of soda or burger money, or even the lottery ticket money that you spend every week hoping for a one in a trillion chance of hitting power-ball. At least with the P.I.M.P you know that your money will be used for a great cause. There is no limit, great or small in which one can contribute. As I look at the 4,300 Friends on FB, and the 42,000 plus followers on twitter, If I had each of you to donate just a Dollar.....ONE MEASLY DOLLAR, can you imagine what we can do for someone this holiday season and beyond? Don't just like this, don't just comment, but please act upon this and lets Positively Influence Many People. Please be a P.I.M.P... If not you, then who? ~PHS

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