Pope's Spoken Word(s) Vol. 20


So, Pope came cross an interesting read and decided that maybe I should share a lil, "Pope's Spoken Words" today. Now, right now there's some HUGE hating going on, so I thought I'd see how many within The Congregation felt about one........ Tim Tebow.

Everyone I've spoken to about the subject matter who actually "HATE, DISLIKE" or whatever words they chose to express disdain for the second year NFL quarterback made it clear that, while Tebow really hasn't done anything in particular to draw resentment from them, it's just because of how the masses feel about Tebow that cause them to dislike him, or something of that nature.

Now again, here's the funny part of this whole Tebow issue, the kid has went out there from day one, and been true to himself, and his beliefs. While the media has hyped him, he's remained humble and true, but yet many hate the kid...Why? Well allow Pope to explain why Tebow is hated, it's simply because he INSPIRES!!! Through his actions alone, this kid has caused others to HOPE!!! Even those who has never believed in GOD have been led to search/read the scriptures based off of this True Devout Believer in Christ! Now on to the article:

"The fact that Tebow had 316 yards passing and averaged 31.6 yards per pass in the game didn't escape notice on Sunday night. Tebow wore "John 3:16" on his eye black in the 2009 BCS Championship game and has since become identified with the famous Bible message. The coincidental stats caused millions of fans to perform Google searches on the Bible passage in the past 24 hours. Here's one more unbelievable stat: John Ourand of Sports Business Journal reports that the final quarter-hour television rating for the Broncos-Steelers game was, you guessed it, 31.6."- Yahoo News

See, so this kid has led MANY who had no idea...NONE WHAT SO EVER as to what John 3:16 stood for to actually research the scriptures to "seek an understanding." Funny part is that if the masses are anything like the "WWE Attitude" era fans, then they probably only recognize 3:16 with SCSA.

I like the fact that Tebow hasn't had to do much of nothing except live his life in a Christ like manner, holy and acceptable in the eyesight of God. Sure, he isn't perfect and has his share of flaws just like anyone of us, but it's his constant acknowledgement of Christ as his "Savior" that tells us, "I am a sinner, who has been REDEEMED." Now Pope won't like, I haven't been a Bronco's fan since John Elway, and even today, not really much a fan, but because of Tebow, my "Brother in Christ," Denver has Pope's full support for the remainder of their playoff season.

See, 9 out of 10 when someone is doing something good and positive, they'll always be more hated, than rather appreciated. So with that being said, Pope would like to bring another 'John' to the forefront, as it truly sums up my opinion when it comes to not just Tebow, but devout BELIEVERS in Christ:

John 15:18 “If the world hates you, you know that it has hated Me before it hated you." ✞ ~PHS