Earth Angel/Earth's Stranger....Well, kind of.

Once again, it's time for YOUR Host of Host to shine his Guiding Light upon this darken frivolous nation. Today YOUR Pope will attempt to share his encounter with one of "Heaven's Angels" who just so happened to do for Pope, what he does for so many others, and that's place a smile upon Pope's face.

It's not everyday that Pope comes across individuals that are so care free, so true and so real to the point that one could see the pureness escaping from their pores (Or toxic gases from Balls Mahoney, Good Gawsh!)....Well, such was the case when Pope met up with a dear friend about a month ago simply named, "MOLLY!"

Molly and Pope go way back about 5-6 years ago when Pope first made his way to Louisville, Ky to start training at Ohio Valley Wrestling. I remembered having my eyes fixated on her and wrestling's own version of "Desperate Housewives" Ivory, which simply means she was on fire! (Don't read to much into that)

I remember Molly, who by that time had already made a name for herself as "Mrs.Madness" in WCW and had already competed on the biggest stage of all WrestleMania, stop to acknowledge a lil black afro headed kid by the name of Elijah. From that day, speaking to the former WWE women's champ was like speaking with a high school friend.

As Pope mentioned, last month he was able to run into Molly and spend time with her after about 2 year void. Listen, if you haven't met her, Pope feels sorry for you as it's TRULY a blessing to be around someone who shuns negativity as much as YOUR Pope shuns Nancy Grace! Molly doesn't even know what Heroes is for crying out loud. After catching up and talking to her about the greater goods in life over a bowl of soup and sushi, it was time to call our near 3 hour reunion to an end.

It was truly an honor for Pope to be around someone who has done it all in this business, yet remained grounded. Someone who went out on top, yet still sane, happy, and is working for a bigger and greater cause....Helping others. Molly is truly a great woman and inspirational person. Pope believes that she is/will be a blessing for all who comes within her presence. And yes, NO MAN IS PERFECT, but in Pope's eyes, definitely considering the world of entertainment that we thrive(d) in, if there's one person that comes close in Pope's mind, it would definitely be my dear friend Molly Holly, and Pope loves her dearly. ~ PHS

*Be sure to check out Molly's Photo Exhibit/Fundraiser, 09/03/09, between 5-8pm @ The Nesting Grounds.*

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