Well, I've Never!

Ok, is it me or is there something truly wrong with this world we live in today? Could someone please tell me why YOUR Pope's eyes were cursed as Noah's son was for looking upon his nakedness? There's an old biblical saying that one should gouge out his own eye if his eyes cause him to sin. Well, I must say, after seeing this, Pope ran back into his cathedral and doused his eyes with Dawn dish detergent in an effort to cleanse his memory from this horrible and utterly distasteful pic. Pope usually would laugh at something like this, but this was truly disgusting. Here's what happened:

Pope was in his cathedral, about to ascend his throne to meditate, when all of a sudden he gets a frantic knock on his door. Pope answered (cautiously with staff in hand) and met his neighbor who stated that there was some crazy stuff going on and that I needed to come see. It was a Monday night, and I thought they were gonna show me some SOS (Same Ol Stuff) on TV,Pope immediately said, "No thanks, I have better things to do with my 2.05 hours." But Pope eventually followed his neighbor and then it happened: Pope saw the most hideous creature on this side of a Balls Mahoney! Can you imagine the horror and shock that Pope felt? It's probably liken to that of CT's thoughts being that there are NO tag teams (HD exception) and they still somehow can't seem to obtain gold. Poor black gullible, athletic, sometime entertaining, overdone, played out, thug stereotyped tag team; Pope's pulling for'em. Anyways, Pope has truly been scarred 4*(UP) life! Just bloody awful I tells ya! Speaking of scars, Your Pope almost got bit by a spider.....A very BIG Spider. Pope shall enlighten you later about that! ~ Pope Has Spoken!

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