It Was Only Then....

It seems like it was just yesterday that I was walking around in Wally-World with my head lowered just enough to not cause anyone to look me directly into my face.

It appeared so weird that a guy with a little notoriety would trot through the aisle at such a fast pace to possibly detour any detractors, to get in and out of Wally-World without the inevitable happening.

It happened so quickly as I stood in the back of Wally-World at the sports section counter, hoping to check out then exit through the side door in such a fashion that would have had me on my couch eating cereal and watching Family Guy within the blink of an eye. But then, it happen.

It was about 3 aisles over, right behind the laundry aisle, and right in front of the heavy set lady standing there with 3 toof in her mouth, a moo moo dress that had the rear upper left hymn caught so far between the crack house that not even the CIA would've been able to infiltrate it, that I heard the air leave out of someones lung. (The Lady turned out to be Balls Mahoney's Twin....Poor thing was cursed from birth)

It was a "gasp." Suddenly everything stopped. For a moment, I knew not what to do, fight or flight as I veered my eyes towards this young man who was speechless and almost breathless. His father immediately became concerned and said, 'Bookah,' breathe son, breathe! As I turned my attention towards him, this kid had the biggest "I can't believe this is real" look on his face. His father asked me to pardon his son, stating that his son thinks that I'm this wrestler guy.

It was at this moment that I chose to fight...fight the urge to agree with Bookah's father, who believed this was a case of mistaken identity. I looked at Bookah who kept telling his mom, "It's Him..It's Him," gave him some dap and said, "Wassup Kid? You're in here to get one of my figures right?" Lol. Bookah, who already had his "Freebie" from the parents asked if he could make a switch for an Elijah Burke action figure. Luckily we found & purchased the last figure of YOUR Pope on display. I took a pic and signed the figure for him on the spot.

It was only then that it hit me. I felt so compelled to give others a chance (btw kids are ALWAYS welcomed) at an impromptu meet and greet, even though you will have the crazy ones out there that sometimes become overbearing. My point is, Bookah said that he plays with me on the video game with his sick brother, and that he's been looking for me on ECW. I explained that I still wrestle, but he'd have to follow Pope via the internet for right now. Before leaving, Bookah and his father whom are from Africa stated that they would pray blessings upon me from there ancestral gods, as I deserved greater! It was then that YOUR Pope truly felt that if he could just touch and change one person's day, life, morale etc.....Then job well done!

It was only then... ~ Pope Has Spoken

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